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Mahrukat plan for year 2010

2010 plan aims to accomplish a total quantity of sales estimated at /9.817/ Million cubic meters of petroleum product (Gasoline -all kinds, Kerosene -all kinds, Gasoil), and a quantity of /8.126/ metric tons of Mineral Oils and Greases, Fuel Oil, Asphalt, Gas, Coke, White Spirit, Improved gasoline, Light hydrogenated Naphta and Achziline).


Mahrukat most important projects for year 2010

* Automation of transportation, storage and distribution operations of petroleum products (automated measurement), for the quantities received from the refineries, the imported quantities, the tanks contents, deliveries through pipelines, by trains and by land tanks, besides, inspection of land tank-cars lines and sites.
* Construction of stations for refueling Aircrafts at Airports in (AL-Kamishli and Der Azzour) successively.
* Construction of refueling stations at the Syrian cities centers.
* Construction of warehouses for storing Mineral oils and greases, so that to meet the company's requirements in Syrian cities.
* increasing storage capacities of LPG at the Syrian cities (Banias site).
* Construction of a joint building to the company.
* construction of complete Gas Units at (Al-hasaka - Banias - Al-swedaa`).
* construction of centers for Gas distribution at the Syrian cities.
* Pre-qualificating and equipping of Al-kadam Central Laboratory, and other laboratories at the Syrian cities for the analysis tests of petroleum products and mineral oils and greases.
* Renewal of Gas filling Units at Latakia- Hama- Banias and Al-swedaa`.
* Construction of Homs- Adra /18"/ pipeline, /180/Kms length- after increment- ,with terminal tanks at Adra and Al-domair sites, and with a capacity of /150 000/M3, and the relative accessories, (completing execution and performance).
* Automation of Administrative and Accounting business systems in the company
* Construction of new tanks for petroleum products in the Syrian cities, /4/ tanks with a total capacity of /4000/M3 for storing Aviation Kerosene at Aleppo .

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