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Labor Force

After issuance of the Decree No./301/ dated 2/7/2009; the Syrian company for Gas Distribution (established by the Decree No./162/ dated 29/4/2003), has been joined to the Syrian Company for the Storage and Distribution of Petroleum Products (Mahrukat); and thus, the labor force working for Mahrukat company becomes /8329/ employees by end of 2009 , and this number is expected to reach /8426/ employees of different specialties in 2010 plan. The technical staff of the company had significantly developed as with regard to scientific sufficiency with a big team of Engineers and graduates of universities, namely in Economics and Law, and of technical, commercial and industrial institutes.

Mahrukat pays great attention to security, labor health safety, and loss restriction matters by providing means of individual and plural protection to the labors, and by making the medical periodical check- ups, also offering food meals to labors at productive sites. Besides, Mahrukat holds several seminars, and carries out annual practical and theoretical training on maintenance and cost- saving issues, in order todevelop the labors sufficiency in different fields, namely in informatics, automation and computer programs for all levels, aiming to have a qualified staff in such fields to automate data and information related to the Company's business. Mahrukat constantly seeks to reduce production costs and guide consumption, by updating and modernizing work systems, consequently, Mahrukat has lately achieved considerable goals in different fields.

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